Furby Connect

Roughly four years after Furby underwent a modern reinvention to re-emerge with LED eyes and app-connectivity, then a cuddly Furbacca version, Hasbro has now presented us with something new.I know, it’s hard to believe Furby turns 18 this year. Hasbro’s Furby, that weird, warbling, adorable hamster-owl robot that just won’t die, continues to live on […]

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The Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet

So “unsightly” he becomes adorable, the Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet is the best canine pet to own. He will never chew up your slippers or dirty the carpet, and your child or young adult has the option of gray, brown or grey color. Made by Moose Toys for kids 6 years and up, the Ugglys […]

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Zoomer The Robot Dog

Spin Masters first release of Zoomer puppy, the robot dog toy, was in 2013. As the Interactive Puppy was such a big success, a year later, they launched Zoomer 2.0 along with his two best friends Zoomer Bentley and Zoomer Shadow. These new versions come with double the tricks and although they may not be […]

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